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FAQ: PGCE Course / Leeds Beckett University

Have some questions about our agency or the PGCE course by Leeds Beckett University? Have a look below if we can answer your questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

When are your intake dates?

There is only one intake date per year. The intake date is September every year, the course will start roughly between the 16th-22nd September, lasting 10-12 months.
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How long is this PGCE course?

This is a 12-month online course, through the Leeds Beckett University in the UK.

How many credits is the PGCE?

The PGCE with accredited with 60 credits. There are 3 modules to complete, worth 20 credits each.

How much is the PGCE, what is the tuition?

The PGCE for 2023 costs 2,500 GBP. That is equivalent to 21500 RMB. The University accepts any currency for the PGCE, but RMB is the preferred choice.

Do you provide instalments?

We do not accept instalment plans for this course because it is done through distance learning. The whole amount will be due once your documents have been reviewed and that you have been accepted onto the course. Payment deadline will be 1.5 months before you begin your studies.

What does Englisher provide?

We provide many services to our expats. For our PGCE service, it is free of charge to use us, and we don’t charge anything extra to use us.

So why use us? We enable you to pay the PGCE in RMB. We also help fill out the application process on your behalf, so you can save yourself the headache!

After starting your application process, we will put you in touch with other students doing the course, so they can be some advice and assistance when doing your PGCE, don’t do it alone!

We also offer other expat services such as money transfers to outside of China and also helping you look for English teaching jobs within China.

Can you tell me more about the course delivery?

Pre-recorded lectures + live streaming tutorials

A lot of support including podcast, reading resources, forums, etc

Do I need a degree to apply?

Applicants should normally have a bachelor’s degree, equivalent to UK upper second class. Applicants who do not meet this requirement may be considered if they have significant relevant experience.

Do I need to be a teacher when I apply?

The mean requirement is for applicants to be in teaching or teacher training positions. Our students range from highly experienced to newly appointed teachers.

Applications to this course should be supported by a reference from the applicant’s current employer and should be completed using our Employer Supporting Statement form: Download it here: Employer Supporting Statement

Download: PGCE reference template

Do I need Math and English from my highschool certificate?

All applicants must have grade C passes in GCSE English Language and Maths (or equivalent) before making their application. Not having GCSE but having equivalent English and Maths results in a local secondary school (or even a university) is ok to apply. We will be flexible with GCSE equivalent. If you are an international student, you can submit whatever you have got. The university can make a conditional offer first and put GCSE as a condition so applicants will be reassured and have time to get the copy. Some international students have been accepted without the highschool certificate, if they could give a good reason why they lost it ;-)

What is the main difference between PGCE Education (Online) at LBU and iPGCE programmes offered by other universities?

The Leeds Beckett PGCE Education (Online) is fully accreditated, while an iPGCE programme is actually more international content based with some limits.

Much lower tuition - The tuition fee for the year for students entering in 2022/23 is £2333 (Around 21 300 RMB). The amount you will pay is fixed at this level for each year.

Why choose Leeds Beckett for my PGCE?

* Distance Learning

* We understand that practice is your main priority, that's why LBU has designed this online course that enables you to study wherever and whenever you want.

* Training to become a teacher is one of the most challenging thing you will ever do. With this in mind, this online course is designed to fit around your other professional commitments and will involve assessments relevant to your working life. * Professionally experienced expert teaching team

* Start on your path in becoming qualified teacher status accredited

* Dedicated pastoral care team

* We offer distinctive and creative programmes that are responsive to the changes taking place in society

* LBU's goal is to provide the foundations that will enrich your practice and fast-track your teaching career. You will benefit from outstanding support tailored to your professional development needs, including personal online learning tutors, online tutorials using a range of web-based software and numerous opportunities to network through their professional learning communities. You will expand your critical understanding of the education sector and share best practice with your colleagues on the course. You will also scrutinise government and sector-wide policies and analyse theoretical, pedagogical and policy discourse and debates to gain a critical research-informed perspective on what is happening in education.

* LBU's goal is to provide the foundations that will enrich your practice and fast-track your teaching career. You will benefit from outstanding support tailored to your professional development needs, including personal online learning tutors, online tutorials using a range of web-based software and numerous opportunities to network through LBU's professional learning communities.

What if I am not from a native English speaking country?

English entry requirement: IELTS 6.5 with no skills below 5.5, or an equivalent qualification (including but not limited to TOFEL Home edition, Duolingo, LanguageCert, etc.)

Englisher's applicants do the test on the Duolingo website. It's fast, online and only $50. You receive the results withing 24 hours. 120 points is the pass rate.

Do I need to visit somewhere, or is it all online?

Nope. The PGCE course is all done online through the distance learning course. All the seminars and lectures are pre-recorded. Therefore, you can complete each assignment at your own speed and study the course during your free time. Complete the course in your own time!

How long does the course last?

We recommend that you spend around 5-8 hours a week on the course to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. The course can be completed within 10-12 months.

Does it come with QTS or teaching licence?

WLike all the other distance learning PGCE courses, it does not come with QTS. After graduating with the PGCE, you then need to apply for teaching licences under your government. But don’t worry, this PGCE is recognised worldwide. Each country would have their own requirements for the teaching license.

We can suggest an education company who can provide QTS after/during your course of this PGCE. Once you graduated, they can give you the course to add on the QTS. You would also need to work in a school doing a British Curriculum for 2 years. You cannot get QTS without having a PGCE. But once again, you will not automatically get QTS from this course.

What documents do I need to have to apply?

Please see the “REQUIREMENTS” document to see all the documents you will need.

Please note, that if you are not from a native English speaking country, you will need to add extra documents to support your English proficiency such as IELTS or TOEFL. For those who are not on the list of countries AND do not have IELTS or TOEFL, you can provide your high school English qualifications that are equivalent to GCSE’s (South Africa = Matric qualifications, etc).

For those from non-native English speaking countries, you can do a Duolingo English test online which the results show the university you are capable to study this course.

Please note, you will also need to submit an agent consent form which allows us to help work on your application on your behalf. It is also important to fill out the employment supporting statement which allows your current employer to recommend you complete the course. It will really help to get you accepted if you’re already teaching and have your current employer recommending you!

Which countries can apply for this PGCE?

All countries can apply for the course. No matter where you are from, the tuition remains the same. However, to be able to get onto the course through our agency – you must be living in China.
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What subjects/modules will be covered in this course?

You can view all the information regarding the subjects, topics and modules covered in this course with the link below:

Do you have social media or a website?

You can follow us on Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, telegram or give us a call! You can find all our agents in China here.

Website: www.englisher.co.uk
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/EnglisherChina

What will the £2500 tuition fee cover?

Your tuition fees cover the cost of registration, tuition, academic supervision, assessments and examinations.

The following are also included in the cost of your course:

* 24/7 Library and student IT support
*Free wifi via eduroam
*Skills workshops and resources
*Library membership, giving access to more than 500,000 printed, multimedia and digital resources
*Access to software, including five free copies of Microsoft Office 365 to install on your PC,laptop and MAC, and access to free high-end software via the Leeds Beckett remote app

I want to apply for this PGCE. What is the next step?

If you are interested in signing up for this course, you can either apply on their website OR you can contact one of our experienced agents to assist you, and guide you through all the requirements.

After you have supplied us with all the needed documents, we will apply on your behalf (and save you an lot of time!). All correspondance will happen through us (and official emails from LBU) and we can assist with any questions you may have. They will also tell us if they require additional info or documents from you.

Once you are accepted you will pay the university directly. We will not require any money for our service. (The university pays us)

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The Leeds Beckett University has several agents working accross the globe. Englisher is one of the official agents in China, helping teachers working in China, obtaining their PGCE. You can check the link below. Make sure to scroll down to "Qingdao".


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