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PGCE (online)

We help teachers in China apply for their PGCE with the Leeds Beckett university in the UK.

What is a PGCE?
Money transfer out of China

We offer safe and secure money transfer services. Send your RMB to most other currencies.

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Headache-free applications

We guide you through the application process and apply on your behalf, after you have given us all the needed documents.

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FREE services, no charge!

We will never require any money from you. Should your PGCE application be successful, you will pay the university directly through a special payment link. The university will pay us for each sucessfull application.

Real-time feedback

We offer real-time feedback as we are also in China, same time zone.

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English assessment

We can assist you with a quick online Duolingo English test should you not have IELTS or the required English certification. This test costs $50 and you pay on their website. You will get the results within 24 hours.

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Official Partner of Leeds Beckett University

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Gain QTS Certification and teach in China or globally with Leeds Beckett University's online PGCE program.

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